About Us

The Gentlemen Square aspires to provide a platform for men which uses collective wisdom, knowledge, skills, and resources to help driven men attract a valued matched woman, understand her psychology and know how to handle female energy. Without going crazy.

Stefania, is the Founder/CEO of The Gentlemen Square, who is a Love & Relationship Coach.  She is also a Personal Trainer, a Writer and an unstoppable visionary dedicated in helping you become the man you desire to be.
Born and raised from the suburbs of Melbourne Australia, with nothing more than a passion for people, relationships and life. She has travelled and lived in 3 different continents around the world learning and understanding cultural differences between men and women in relationships.
She is a dog lover and has a passion for cars and motorcycles.
The Gentlemen Square has enabled Stefania to create a socially conscious digital space that reaches thousands of men from all around the world.
Through my one on one coaching programs and online courses, I help driven men recognize their true potential.  I empower men to not only find their value matched woman but achieve true fulfilment by living their truest and fullest life.
You are probably asking yourself what does a woman know about men?
The truth is this: male to male therapy is great; but who better to give your insight with women than a woman?  Many of my clients have leaped forward in ways they have never experienced before — and all within weeks of working with me. They are experiencing shifts that catapulted them to NEW levels of excitement, stamina and confidence to handle any woman that crosses their path.
“I simply get real and raw with my clients, and honestly speak from a woman’s perspective.
If you’ve found your way here, I know you’re ready for something special.”