Hypnotherapy for Sex and Intimacy Issues

Love, sex and intimacy are the most potentially fulfilling aspects of intimate partnerships, however they represent areas where many people feel challenged. Many couples struggle with the idea that intimacy equals sex. In reality, sex is just a part of intimacy. 

Differences in sexual desires between couples will always exist, but finding a way to express and communicate your sexual desires and fantasies without fear of rejection is an extremely important factor. 

Hypnosis is extremely effective, rapid, and a non invasive way to improve sex and intimacy in relationships. Since sex is also an emotional experience, the body literally reacts to what the mind is thinking on all levels.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Develop effective communication and intimacy with your partner 

  • Build confidence to to ask for what you desire sexually

  • Introduce something new without feeling rejected

  • Reduce anxiety in the bedroom

  • Improve sexual performance 

  • Increase sexual stamina

  • Improve erectile function 

  • Create a mindset of passion and excitement

  • Be comfortable in your own skin

Hypnotherapy for Sport Performance/Well-Being

If you’ve ever felt that your most dogged and persistent opponent is yourself, and you want to make some permanent lifestyle changes then our wellbeing/sports hypnosis program is for you. 

Overcome the mental blocks that all too often get in the way of our game, as well as building positive expectations and helping you to develop habits of performance excellence at a deep, subconscious level.

From endurance sports such as distance running, triathlon or bodybuilding, to competitive games such as soccer, golf or tennis, to less physical but equally challenging games such as chess or poker, hypnosis can help you to achieve new levels of sporting success.

Imagine What it would be like to?

  • Create a positive frame of mind. 
  • Eliminate any destructive tensions. Increase your ability to deal with setbacks and gain a level of fitness you desire.
  • Develop a laser-like focus and avoid distractions. Model excellence and think like great sports people do.
  •  Gain the confidence to perform to the best of your ability.
  • Improve your precision, efficiency and timing. 
  • A balanced healthy well-being lifestyle of work, play

Hypnotherapy for conflict within relationships

Differences between couples will always exist, but finding the balance of what is right for you in a relationship is an extremely important factor. Sometimes when we argue, we  unconsciously repeat patterns. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve had the same argument, again and again, you’ll understand what we mean. These patterns can come from our subconscious and may even be something our younger selves are battling with internally.

While in the relaxed state of hypnosis your unconscious mind is open to developing and mastering new levels of projecting, visualizing and performing.

Imagine What it would be like to?

Develop effective communication with your partner/women 

  • Build confidence to to ask for what you need
  • Get to the root of your conflict
  • Set healthy boundaries 
  • Learning to read The Red Flags
  • Recognise unhealthy relationships and have the strength to end them 
  • Determine patterns of behaviour stored in your subconscious that are contributing to the conflict. 
  •  Learn to cope with conflict and manage difficult emotions more easily
  • Have a stronger understanding of yourself and your relationship with others